Vision, Mission, and Objectives of S-3 Study Program


“Becoming an International Class Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering in the Field of Education and Research”



1. Organizing quality and international standard mechanical engineering doctoral education.

2. Carrying out research that is responsive to the development of new, cutting-edge science and technology and has an impact on society and industry on a national and international scale.

3. Organizing quality community service and referring to the latest application of science and technology

4. Develop study program management with good, transparent, accountable and fair governance



  1. Produce mechanical engineering doctoral graduates who master the philosophy, concepts, theories and scientific applications that are relevant to their field of expertise
  2. Produce graduates who are able to conduct, lead and manage research, and are able to produce scientific publications at the national and international levels containing new, cutting-edge and innovative breakthroughs in the field of mechanical engineering science
  3. Produce graduates who are able to apply their expertise to solve problems in the scientific community and the general public, including the ability to cooperate with cross-disciplinary approaches


The Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Program at Diponegoro University has five research areas offered, namely:

  1. Material Technology
  2. Design and Construction Technology
  3. Energy Conversion Technology
  4. Production Technology
  5. Mechatronics and Robotics Technology

Doctoral Program Manager in Mechanical Engineering

Head of S-3 Study Program

Dr. Eng. Achmad Widodo

Secretary of S-3 Study Program

Rusnaldy, Ph.D