Engineering Design & Tribology Laboratory

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Engineering Design and Tribology Laboratory, has 6 experts recognized domestically and worldwide to provide research and technological solutions in the fields of surface and interface technology, boundary lubrication and tribochemistry, for the development of functional surface and contact techniques and the management of friction and wear mechanisms in systems with conventional and unconventional materials at the nano and macro scales. With a leading role in the field of environmentally friendly green lubrication technology, the lab. it can provide comprehensive and effective continuous treatment of the most demanding tribological problems in engineering systems. The Engineering Design and Tribology Laboratory aims to develop methodologies, tools and techniques for better, robust, and inclusive product design to achieve success in New Product Development (NPD). Research design investigates the process of designing products, processes, and services. It aims to help designers design better products and processes. This laboratory is equipped with computer-based sketching tools, and design research tools.