Ten Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) Undergraduate Study Program (S1) Department of Mechanical Engineering


PLO A Able to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and/or materials, information technology and engineering to gain a thorough understanding of engineering principles in mechanical systems.
PLO B Able to design the required components, systems and/or processes with an analytical approach and consider technical standards, aspects of performance, reliability, ease of application, sustainability, and pay attention to economic factors, public health and safety, cultural, social and environmental (environmental considerations) .
PLO C Capable of conducting research and testing/laboratory and/or field experiments which include identification, formulation, and analysis of complex engineering problems in mechanical systems and required components.
PLO D Able to identify, formulate, analyze and solve problems
PLO E Able to select and utilize the latest resources, design tools, methods and expertise as well as engineering analysis based on information technology and computing that are suitable for designing, manufacturing, and maintaining mechanical systems and components required.
PLO F Mastering knowledge of communication techniques (verbal and written) and the latest technological developments in the field of design, manufacturing processes, as well as the operation and maintenance of mechanical systems and the necessary components.
PLO G Able to plan, analyze, complete and evaluate mechanical systems and cost components required with existing limitations.
PLO H Able to work with various other professional fields with diverse knowledge and cultural backgrounds.
PLO I Mastering the principles and techniques of mechanical system design (mechanical system) in solving engineering problems with a full sense of responsibility to the community, paying attention to the safety of mechanical systems and complying with professional ethics.
PLO J Mastering the current principles and relevant issues continuously throughout life in various fields such as information technology, economics, social, environmental and public policy in general.