Journal ROTASI


The Mechanical Engineering Department is active in writing scientific papers as outlined in the ROTASI journal. This journal is the result of research and scientific studies by authors from various fields of study. This is done in the context of contributions from several lecturers in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In accordance with the slogan of the journal ROTATION “MEDIA COMMUNICATION OF SCIENCE AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PROFESSIONALS” then hereby invites the participation of various practitioners and professionals from any institution with the field of mechanical engineering study.

For some lecturers of the Mechanical Engineering Department from various universities and participation from various practitioners who wish to participate in the ROTASI Journal, they can send articles to the email “rotation[at]”. The writing format of the Rotational Journal can be downloaded here {guidelines for the writing of the ROTATION Journal} and {Writing format template of the ROTATION Journal}.

The ROTASI journal is published in print and online which is published every January, April, July and October. The ROTASI journal can be viewed online at the address