Indonesia is very rich in natural resources both on land and sea. This potential is the reason for Humam Kurniadhitama to explore Indonesian Seaweed and pursue the Seaweed exporter business.

Humam Kurniadhitama is pursuing a business in the midst of his busy college degree in Mechanical Engineering, Undip, being a student does not limit himself to continuing to explore his business skills.
The 2017 Undip Mechanical Engineering student, Humam Kurniadhitama, has also launched the first export of dried gracillaria seaweed to Vietnam.
A total of 90 tons of dried seaweed worth USD 55,000 or equivalent to Rp800 million was sent to Vietnam through the Port of Tanjung Emas, Semarang, last February. This seaweed export is the result of a collaboration between CV Putra Haryanto Jaya (owned by Humam) and CV Agung Warna Bumi, to fulfill the export quota that has been determined by the Vietnamese importer, which is a minimum of 90 tons and a maximum of 400 tons per month.

This August, Humam also succeeded in exporting 52 tons of Gracillaria seaweed to China and is also preparing a commodity of processed coconut products, namely cocopeat slabs to be sent to Malaysia as many as 72,000 slabs. It is hoped that Humam can be an inspiration for other Mechanical Engineering students to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and explore their abilities.