Message from the Head of the Department

Message from the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department

The development of science and technology in the field of mechanical engineering, has been anticipated by Diponegoro University with the establishment of the Department of Mechanical Engineering under the Faculty of Engineering. Mechanical Engineering, Diponegoro University was officially established in 1984. Mechanical Engineering is a place to study engineering science regarding the application of physics-mechanics principles for the analysis, design, manufacture, and maintenance of a mechanical system. Since its establishment, Mechanical Engineering initially only opened a Bachelor Study Program (S1). Then in 2007 it developed with the opening of the Master Study Program (S2). Furthermore, in 2013, Mechanical Engineering opened a Doctoral Study Program (S3). Currently, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is supported by 37 lecturers who are professional in their fields, consisting of 2 lecturers with the title of Professor, 24 lecturers with Doctoral degrees, 7 lecturers with Masters degrees, and 4 lecturers currently pursuing a doctoral program. The Department of Mechanical Engineering makes every effort to produce graduates who are competent in their fields. This has been proven by many Mechanical Engineering alumni who can work for national and multinational companies, both in manufacturing, oil and gas, as well as self-employed. In addition, Mechanical Engineering is not only dominated by men, we have also graduated many alumni from women. For that, let’s join the big family “Department of Mechanical Engineering” in realizing your dreams, your family, and your company.