Source: Instagram RSPAL dr. Ramelan Surabaya

Albiondi is a robotic hand or bionic hand resulting from the Collaboration of the Navy with Mechanical Engineering, Diponegoro University. Currently, Albiondi is being re-produced for one of the members of the TNI Kopka Bek Tusrana who suffered a work accident. Albiondi this time is a refinement of the previous bionic hand product. Albiondi operates using one or two sensors on the surface of the arm that will capture command signals from the muscles. Albiondi is equipped with 8 basic movements based on the position of the thumb. Some of the movements that can be done are holding a bottle, lifting a light suitcase, moving the ball, writing, and some daily activities.

April 17, 2022 he was referred to RSPAL Doctor Ramlan Surabaya to get treatment from RSPAL rehabilitation in the form of hand Bionic Albiondi and other muscle training and several other movements. “By using this hand bionic, sir, I hope you can carry out daily activities as usual,” said Mr. Tusrana.