Production Process Laboratory and CNC

The Production Process Laboratory and CNC function as a laboratory that serves various needs related to the manufacturing process.

The main routine activities are:

  • Practicum, Training / Course / training, Research
  • Serving the production process practicum
  • Completing the Final Project/Thesis/Dissertation related to the machining process
  • Product development and prototyping

A. Service Contact

  • Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Campus : Jl. Prof. H. Soedarto, SH Tembalang, Semarang
  • Tel/Fax : (024) 7460059
  • Email      :susilo70[at]

B. Experts

  • Chairman      : Dr. -Ing. Paryanto

C. Analysis Services

  1. Machining and welding
  2. Equipment design, reconditioning and modification
  3. Prototyping and laboratory demonstration
  4. Specimen making
  5. Making testing tools and support
  6. Impact test
  7. CNC machine training
  8. Production process practicum

D. Analysis Service Process Flow

  • Service to the laboratory —> Head of laboratory and technician —> Output