Vision and mission

  • Mechanical Engineering Department Vision:

The Department of Mechanical Engineering as a higher education institution in the mechanical field seeks to produce professional graduates, and produce quality research

  • Mission of the Mechanical Engineering Department:
  1. Organizing higher education in the field of mechanics in producing professional graduates (excellent and competitive);
  2. Carrying out research that results in publications, intellectual property rights, and technology in developing science, engineering, and technology in the mechanical field and related scopes;
  3. Organizing community service in helping to solve problems in the community related to the mechanical field.
  • Strategic objectives:
  1. The production of graduates who have academic, or professional competence, or an entrepreneurial spirit who can develop and apply science, engineering and technology in the mechanical field;
  2. Produce research and disseminate research results in the form of publications in national and international journals, as well as in the form of other intellectual property rights;
  3. The implementation of science and technology, including the results of research for community service activities.