Semarang-Located on the Basketball Court of the Undip Mechanical Engineering Campus, the 2018 Mechanical Sports Week (POR) was opened for students, lecturers, and employees of the Mechanical Engineering Department. The Mechanical Engineering POR will take place on 09 – 18 March 2018. The theme of this year’s POR is “Spirit of Sportsmanship to Build Solidarity”. This event attracted the enthusiasm of the participants, which competed in 9 sports. The number of participants who came was about 450 people.

The event started with the opening which was held on March 9, 2018 at the Mechanical Engineering Basketball Court of Undip, then continued with the first match, namely the futsal branch. Futsal, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, PES are held at the UNDIP Mechanical Engineering Campus, while football, badminton, tug of war, and tennis are held in off-campus stadiums. The participants were quite enthusiastic about participating in this event because this event is an event to build intimacy between participants and a refreshing event for participants.


POR Machinery 2018 was closed on March 18, 2018 at the Mechanical Engineering Basketball Court Undip by Bpk. Dr. M. Tauviqirrahman, as Student Assistant Lecturer. The closing ceremony began with the awarding of prizes to the winning teams of each contested branch, and closed with a meal together with all students of the Mechanical Student Association. (dff)