(Semarang, 12 May 2018) The Diponegoro University True Nature Lover Machine Community has held a Fun Hiking with the theme “Go Outside and Enjoy”. Fun Hiking aims to develop the interests and talents of the participants in the world of mountaineering with a fun method. The event was held at Mount Andong which is located in Magelang Regency, Central Java. This event starts Friday at 15.00 WIB until Saturday at 15.30 WIB.

For the basecamp, we use the Mount Andong basecamp TARUNA JAYA GIRI SAWIT which is located in Sawit Hamlet, RT. 003 / RW. 03, Girirejo, Ngablak, Girirejo, Ngablak, Magelang, Central Java. This event includes a bonfire, roasted corn, clean mountains and games. The activity went smoothly along with the enthusiasm of the participants.

This activity was attended by Undip Mechanical Engineering students, Undip Mechanical Engineering students, nature lovers and residents around the basecamp. The activity was carried out on a mountain which has a not too high altitude but has an exotic view that quite amazes the audience. Mountains are one of the elements that balance the existing environment. Mountains save a million natural beauty. There is a variety of flora and fauna that we encounter when climbing the mountain. Not everyone is familiar with the beauty of mountains on this earth, especially in our beloved country, Indonesia. In fact, the mountain has great potential that affects human life. With this activity, it is hoped that participants will know and love the natural environment, especially mountains. And keep it sustainable and awake.