Semarang-Faculty of Engineering again held the 2018 Faculty of Engineering Sports Week (POR FT) in April-May 2018. The 2018 Faculty of Engineering Sports Week is a sports competition event for students under the Faculty of Engineering. POR FT has the following objectives:

  1. A forum for interpreting the development of student interests and talents in the field of sports
  2. A competition event to find excellent seeds for Engineering Faculty students in their interests and talents
  3. A forum for gathering all departments within the Faculty of Engineering

The 2018 FT POR was attended by students from 12 departments under the Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University. The sports that are competed consist of 2 exhibition branches (friendship), namely futsal and basketball, and 3 competitions, namely badminton, chess, and E-sports (mobile legend).

Alhamdulillah, again, the representatives of Mechanical Engineering students make Mechanical Engineering proud by becoming champions in the following branches:

  • Badminton, as 1st Place with athletes:
  1. Dimas Satria Firman Syarifudin (Mesin 15)
  2. Shinta ayu pratama putri (Mesin 15)
  3. Bimo prasetyo (Mesin 15)
  4. Fahrizal Agung Wicaksono (Mesin 16)
  5. Surya kusuma (Mesin 17)
  6. Muhammad altalarik (Mesin 17)
  7. Muhammad as’ad (Mesin 17)

-Chess, as 1st Place with athletes:

  1. Digi Dwi Agam (Mesin 2015)
  2. Sabrina F. Purseta (Mesin 2016)

-E-Sport, as 3rd Place with athletes:

  1. Ilham Fajar (Mesin 2016)
  2. Ahmad Jazilussurur hakim (Mesin 2016)
  3. Willy Sutanto (Mesin 2017)
  4. Fadel Muhammad Diowansyah (Mesin 2017)
  5. Surya Kusuma (Mesin 2017)

Congratulations to the Mechanical Engineering students for their proud achievements in the name of Mechanical Engineering. And hopefully this achievement can be maintained and even improved in the next year so that it can be a motivation for all Mechanical Engineering students to be able to achieve even better. (irf)